Your pet can relax with us for a few hours or a few days. We keep them safe and entertained while you unwind, go to work, or get errands done. Add in our spa and frozen treat services and your pet may perform the ultimate “stay” command when it’s time to go!

Our experienced team understands the various, unique canine personalities to focus their natural drives and keep them engaged, entertained and exercised! Don’t fret, even with all the fun, their health and safety are of paramount importance to us.

Our architect designed canine waterpark, aka Canine Cantina, is a must for your water loving dog! From water spraying fire hydrants to bubblers and fountains in our bone shaped water feature, it is the coolest place to get moist at. Team members are always present during any Canine Cantina use.

Our cat guests reside in lofty second story comfort surrounded by windows, away from the din of our dog’s high decibel dissonance and pampered by our feline loving team. Catnip treats are available to seriously spoil your favorite cat!

Being a dog is great but can get grimy. Our grooming and spa services can get your dog back to that luxurious dog show grand prize look, feel and smell. Get as dirty as you want, our grooming team loves a challenge!