Our Mission Statement

Resorts Boarding and Play exists to give the pets unconditional love and to ease the anxiety of their owners while they are under our care!

Every employee plays an important role in manifesting this strategic vision.  This is not just work they are doing when they enter our facility, but what they do impacts the lives of our customers.  Their actions can improve the happiness and quality of life of our customers and their pets. They need to not only know that, they must communicate through their actions on how they treat every pet and owner that walks through our doors or calls us on the phone!

Our customers want to know that their dog is in the best hands, getting the best treatment and having a blast.  They want to know that as a dog owner we are doing the best we can for their dog and it matters.  It means knowing they can trust us. 

Outstanding service is a feeling that every owner should feel their family member is receiving while in our care.  That begins with listening to their needs, answering their questions with professionalism and courtesy, respecting how they are feeling and delivering what we are promising them that their pet will be receiving.  We also will rise to the challenge when going above and beyond is not necessary, but appreciated, to ensure the wellbeing of their pets!

Our team has to be the best!  Every team member should have a passion and a genuine love for dogs.  You should be upbeat, professionally dressed, treat each other like friends and family, communicate with respect, compassion and kindness.  They should be able to handle situations in a mature and professional way.  We need to work together to help our owners feel great about how well their dogs will be taken care of, paid attention to and loved.  What we say and communicate to our owners we need to deliver.     

Resorts Boarding and Play is not a kennel; it is luxury.  We must have higher standards for ourselves and for the animals in our care.  We will do our very best to help all dogs that enter our facility and recognize in this, that we may not be successful with every situation, but we will communicate and do our best to help them find other solutions for their needs.  Our customers become a part of our family and we become a part of theirs.

It will be understood that every day is going to be different at Resorts Boarding and Play.  Mistakes might happen, but it is our responsibility to give the animals in our care a good time and to make them feel safe!  We will continue to grow and learn from our mistakes and be better for them! 

Welcome to Resorts Boarding and Play!  We are excited to have you join us!

Welcome to Resorts Boarding and Play

WILLKOMMEN, BIENVENUE, WELCOME, C’MON IN! Your pet can relax with us for a few hours or a few days. We keep them safe and entertained while you unwind, go to work, or get errands done.

Set Course For Resorts B&P...... Engage!

Our experienced team understands the various, unique canine personalities to focus their natural drives and keep them engaged, entertained and exercised! Don’t fret, even with all the fun, their health and safety are of paramount importance to us.

Canine Cantina

Our architect-designed canine waterpark, aka Canine Cantina, is a must for your water-loving dog! From water spraying fire hydrants to bubblers and fountains in our bone-shaped water feature, it is the coolest place to get moist at. Team members are always present during any Canine Cantina use.

It's Good To Be The Filthy King!

Being a dog is great but can get grimy. Our grooming and spa services can get your dog back to that luxurious dog show grand prize look, feel and smell. Get as dirty as you want, our grooming team loves a challenge!

About Resorts Boarding and Play

At Resorts Boarding and Play, our professional team members are committed to providing a safe, stimulating, energetic, and healthy environment for your dog to partake of while you are away. We offer a variety of accommodations and services for your dog during their stay with us.

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Resorts Boarding and Play Pet Services

Dog Boarding

You can trust our team of professionals to care for your pet while you’re away.

Dog Daycare

We offer an unmatched doggie daycare experience for dog owners!

Pet Grooming

Our team will discuss your expectations and desires for your pet’s look.

Dog Training

Obedience classes offer many advantages for both you and your dog.

About Our Team

At Resorts Boarding and Play, our professional team members are committed to providing a safe, stimulating, energetic, and healthy environment for your dog to partake of while you are away. We strive for your dog’s vacation to be just as fun, if not more, than yours!

We love dogs as you do and look forward to seeing both you and your pet at Resorts Boarding and Play!

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