Dog Training

Resorts Boarding and Play is now offering training classes for our four-legged canine friends!

Dog Training in Hamburg, NY

Training is an essential part of owning a dog and can be started at any age.  Training builds confidence, provides mental stimulation, teaches your dog how to behave and it strengthens your human-animal bond.  Training will help your dog socialize with others, both human and canine, in a controlled environment and it will help you both walk into any situation and feel safe!

Enrolling your dog in a training program will allow you to be a more confident pet owner.  It will open up opportunities for you to do more activities with your pup and actually have a good time!  We are passionate about helping our clients communicate more effectively with their dogs.  Our goal with all of our programs are to create long term success.

Words from one of our certified trainers, Stephanie:“My mission in training is to help owners and dogs be able to live and communicate in two worlds that collide, creating that strong bond that we thrive for. I want to inspire owners to understand the needs of the dog and help them understand what it is they are looking for through positive reinforcement. My passion (which comes from my own experience), is for rescue dogs that have been through unimaginable trauma and is expressed in ways we do not understand. My end goal is to ensure that all dogs get a fair opportunity to succeed and for them to live a long, happy life while their physical, mental and social needs are being met through our various programs.”

Puppy Program- Ages 6 weeks to 6 months

Introduction to basic commands such as sit, wait, down, recall and knowing their name

Day School: Ages 6 months and up

Is for your dog to attend daycare and learn to become better behaved through small group training sessions throughout the day.  This curriculum focuses on basic obedience commands.

Day School 2.0: Must graduate from Day School

Your dog will attend daycare and during their small group training sessions their goals will be individualized to their needs.  

Basic Obedience Group Glass: 

This class is for both the pet parent and the dog to work on basic commands together.  

Boot Camp:

This is an as-needed class for those dogs who did not pass their daycare evaluation.  The goal is to teach the individualized skills needed to be able to go into our play groups.