About Resorts Boarding and Play

Our experienced team understands the various, unique canine personalities to focus their natural drives and keep them engaged, entertained, and exercised! Don’t fret, even with all the fun, their health and safety are of paramount importance to us.

Get To Know Us

The concept for Resorts Boarding and Play originated from the ownership of Laura and Andrew Reyda of the Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg needing more structured, safe, modern, and varied play for all the super energetic dogs they constantly saw. When we opened our doors to our new hospital in 2014, we had one large daycare room and 9 themed suites. We quickly outgrew that space and wanted to be able to provide more clients and members of our community the opportunity to enjoy our services which led us to purchase the house 2 doors down from our hospital to open our sister facility, Resorts Boarding and Play, in September of 2016. We eventually turned our daycare and boarding space at Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg into our new physical therapy wing!

RB&P’s passion is providing a safe and engaging environment for the discharge of your dog’s endless energy! It is well established that dogs who engage with other dogs in an open and stimulating environment are much more content and behaviorally satisfied. Our experienced and trained team supervises appropriate play between our canine guests, ensuring there is mutual respect between our playing dogs. Tapping into your dog’s “pack mentality” keeps them mentally acute, exercised, and most importantly tired when they get home!

Our demand for clean, fresh, and well-groomed dogs is a much-needed perk to provide our guests whether they are enjoying us for the day or staying with us for weeks! Our groomers, who have over 20 years of experience combined, have worked with every breed of dog imaginable and some breeds that don’t even exist yet!

In planning the construction of Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg and then Resorts Boarding and Play, we knew that dog training was a service that we would offer. Every dog has its own personality, and a trainer can help assist the pet’s family in establishing appropriate, safe, and fulfilling behavior for both the pet and the owner. Especially now in the age of Covid, many newly adopted dogs have been confined to a household and not been able to appropriately socialize and are in need of guidance from a knowledgeable trainer to help these pets achieve the confidence and emotional contentment to lead happy and safe lives.

Any dog experiencing appropriate play for their size, personality, and idiosyncrasies, will be happier and more fulfilled and thereby healthier. If your pet is in need of daycare, grooming, training, or their own vacation, Resorts Boarding and Play is the perfect destination!

golden retriever with ball in mouth
Our architect-designed canine waterpark, aka Canine Cantina, is a must for your water-loving dog! From water spraying fire hydrants to bubblers and fountains in our bone-shaped water feature, it is the coolest place to get moist at. Team members are always present during any Canine Cantina use.

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