About Resorts Boarding and Play

Our experienced team understands the various, unique canine personalities to focus their natural drives and keep them engaged, entertained, and exercised! Don’t fret, even with all the fun, their health and safety are of paramount importance to us.

Get To Know Us

The concept for Resorts Boarding and Play originated from the ownership of Laura and Andrew Reyda of the Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg needing more structured, safe, modern, and varied play for all the super energetic dogs we constantly saw. When we opened our doors to our new hospital in 2014, we had one large daycare room and 9 themed suites. We quickly outgrew that space and wanted to be able to provide more clients and members of our community the opportunity to enjoy our services; which led us to purchase the house 2 doors down from our hospital to open our sister facility, Resorts Boarding, and Play. We eventually turned our daycare and boarding space at Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg into our new physical therapy wing!

Our goal at Resorts Boarding and Play is to provide an environment that fulfills your dog’s physical, emotional, and mental needs in order for them to be safe and healthy! Our style has changed since we opened our doors in 2016 to meet the demands and challenges of our pet parents and the specific needs of the pets in our care. Our passion is being able to provide the best care and service to your beloved family member!

We believe in order to achieve a facility that has higher standards, it must start from having a well-trained team of employees. Our employees go through hundreds of hours of online training from the Dog Gurus (which are nationally known), they shadow our veteran team members and are continuously being trained while on the job. It is our job to advocate for every dog we meet to make sure they have a successful and safe stay while in our care!

We understand the needs of every dog are different. We have a variety of services that cater to the multiple personalities in our care. If you want your dog to have the attention and care that they deserve, then Resorts Barding and Play is for you!

golden retriever with ball in mouth
Our architect-designed canine waterpark, aka Canine Cantina, is a must for your water-loving dog! From water spraying fire hydrants to bubblers and fountains in our bone-shaped water feature, it is the coolest place to get moist at. Team members are always present during any Canine Cantina use.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Facility

Front Play Room

Our Front Play Room is dedicated to our smaller-sized dogs and our calmer dogs.  We also have an outdoor potty yard for the dogs to use.

Play Room

This room has a garage door we keep open during the warmer weather and a regular door that we keep propped open in the cooler weather.  We do allow the dogs to go outside and play all year round.  This room is dedicated to our bigger dogs and our dogs who love to get out all their energy running and playing as much as they can!

Pool Room

This dog is dedicated to our larger dogs, but smaller groups.  We keep the pool open and our sprinklers going for as often as possible!

Standard, Luxury and Deluxe Boarding Suites