Dog Daycare

Resorts Boarding & Play offers an unmatched doggie daycare experience for dog owners seeking an opportunity for their dog to play alongside other dogs of similar size and attitude all while being constantly observed by a team of professional dog lovers.

Dog Daycare in Hamburg, NY

Our goal at Resorts Boarding and Play is to provide a safe and fun experience for your furry family member to enjoy for them to become physically, socially, and behaviorally healthier dogs!  At Resorts, our facility has four play rooms explicitly designed with different sizes, play styles, and behaviors in mind.   A trained staff member monitors every playgroup to ensure your dog is safe and engaged while in our care.

Whether your dog wants to play with friends or humans we have something for everyone!  Our four play rooms are designed for all different play styles and temperaments and with their best interest in mind.  

We are very excited to offer our new Daycare Enrichment Academy which has limited availability.  Currently we are offering this 3 days a week but it is growing very fast to where we will expand it to 5 days a week.  Enrichment based daycares are becoming more popular across the country.  The benefits of adding enrichment into a daycare facility is to create a better behaved dog as well for them to lead a more fulfilling and healthy life.  Offering enrichment does require more training on our staff which offers our team members more opportunities to a more fulfilling career as well!

During our warmer months if you really make their day more exciting, elect for some time in our Canine Cantina Water Park!  Here, our squirting fire hydrants alongside a shallow splashing pool with dynamic fountains allow your dog to get wet and wild with their chums!  Always supervised by a Resorts team member, the Canine Cantina is a wonderful upgrade to your pet’s stay.  We also have life jackets for our smaller adventurous guests as well!

Resorts Boarding & Play is a safe, dynamic, and engaging facility for your dog to cavort with other dogs or humans and experience healthy socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation while under the watchful eye of a trained, compassionate lover of dogs. We love dogs as you do and look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!

Please view our daycare, enrichment daycare, and solo options below.


If your dog participates in daycare, they will be placed into groups with the same play style or temperament. Daycare is designed for your dogs to play and socialize with dogs all day long physically. Most dogs in our daycare program will be in a supervised room from the time they come to us in the morning until the time they get picked up in the afternoon. Some dogs will be pulled for short rest periods when we feel it is in their best interest and for the best interest of those dogs in their group to regroup so they can play again. Exhaustion is not a measure of a safe and healthy pet. Our goal is to provide an environment where they enjoy being here and feel safe and confident to play with other dogs. Some dogs can handle all-day play several days a week, whereas others emotionally need a day off or need time alone to socialize all day. We will do what is best for your dog and inform you if we find your dog’s behavior changing or needing to be in a rotation setting.

Daycare Enrichment Academy

The goal of this program is to meet your dog’s needs in order for them to be physically, emotionally, and behaviorally healthy to become a more engaged and well-behaved dog. Our enrichment academy incorporates daily social, sensory, and cognitive activities. Enrichment empowers dogs to perform species-typical behaviors in a safe, healthy, and appropriate way. Our pets show how they feel by their behaviors; it is how they communicate. Enrichment provides dogs the tools to perform the desired behaviors we, as pet parents, want for our furry family members. Our day is structured like a school day, and their enrichment instructor has added training to meet the needs of the dogs in this program. Some of the activities the dogs experience doing are agility, scent work, training, arts and crafts, storytime, party time, a trick of the month, and more.

Solo Daycare

The goal of our solo program is designed specifically for dogs who may not like to socialize with other dogs. These dogs will be offered one on one play sessions with one of our team members and two sessions with one of our enrichment instructors to make their day with us fun and emotionally engaging. It can be very common for some dogs, as dogs get older, to want to socialize less with dogs and more with humans. Some of our dogs in our solo daycare enjoy playing with one friend but can get overstimulated with a group of dogs. We provide different activities to each of our solo dogs based on their needs, behaviors, and what we feel will make them emotionally healthy.