Dog Boarding

At Resorts, our professional team members are committed to providing a safe, stimulating, energetic and healthy environment for your dog to partake of while you are away.

Dog Boarding in Hamburg, NY

We know how you feel. You need to get out of town for a few days and there is no way you can take your pet with you. You can arrange for a dog sitter to come by a few times each day for bathroom breaks and 10 minutes of interaction, but then what? Your dog stays inside the rest of the day,  gets bored, eats chips and has zero healthy, instinctual stimulation. Now there’s a place for your pets, Resorts Boarding & Play!

At Resorts Boarding and Play, our highly trained team members are committed to providing a safe, stimulating, energetic, and healthy environment for your dog to partake in while you are away.

We offer a variety of accommodations (connecting rooms available for multiple dog families!) for your dog during their stay with us. Our luxury and deluxe suites are our largest spaces, with raised Kuranda beds, and cozy blankets, each having its own webcam, so you can get your fix of watching your best friend while apart. When you call to book your reservation, you can even request to stay in some of our luxury and deluxe suites that are themed for your (ours and your dogs) enjoyment (some themes are, Sabres, Josh Allen, Disney, Lakers, Cars, Moana, Under the Sea, Toy Story, Jurassic Park and more). Our standard suites are designed like our luxury suites but are a tiny bit smaller. They come with Kuranda beds and soft blankets, but you would not have webcam access. Occupants of either refuge will hear music from speakers we have suspended throughout the lodging area to soothe their canine souls.

Your dog will be spoiled rotten by the many perks available for their stay, whether it is daycare, hybrid play (which includes both daycare and enrichment) or our solo daycare (which is a mixture of enrichment & play), slat mill (treadmill designed specifically for dogs), goodnight snuggle, kookies and kongs, ice cream sundaes, lick mats (filled with peanut butter, yogurt or pumpkin, treat of the month and spa services; there is something for every guest to add on for their vacation. Don’t fret if these add-ons aren’t for your pooch, your dog will get multiple potty walks, a time to stretch their legs with either humans or other dogs, multiple pets, and kisses, and they will finish their day with a goodnight treat!

During our warmer months, you can elect for your dog to enjoy our Canine Cantina. Here we have a bone-shaped pool (only 18 inches deep) for splashing, water fountains, and fire hydrants that squirt water! We also provide life vests for our smaller friends so they can enjoy frolicking in the water as well!

Our goal is to have a facility and team of professionals you can trust to care for your pet while you’re away. During your pet’s visit, we will keep them safe, engaged, stimulated, and rested for when you return home. We know their tail (if there is one) will go a mile-a-minute when they see you, and we hope we see/hear a similar response from them when they return to Resorts Boarding & Play for another visit!