Pet Grooming

A grooming appointment at Resorts is more than just a drop-off, see you later sort of thing. Our grooming crew will discuss your expectations and desires for your pet’s look and help craft a plan that maximizes your pet’s beauty while being aesthetically appropriate.

Pet Grooming in Hamburg, NY

Our grooming team is detailed oriented, meaning every nook and cranny of your pet will be evaluated so there is no modesty allowed! If we happen to discover any lumps, bumps, scabs or crusts, they will be brought to your attention for you to discuss with your veterinary health care team.

Some of our services include the following:

  • Blueberry facial that helps reduce tear staining and irritation while leaving your pup’s face smelling blueberry fresh!
  • Dog-specific moisturizing/conditioning agent to help smooth those rough and cracked noses and footpads, helping to soften and restore those tissues.
  • Nail grinding to smooth out the rough edges and take the nails back further

Is your dog’s shedding out of canine control? Are you seeing tufts of your dog’s hair wandering about your house by themselves? Elect for our unique “Shed-Less” treatment. This involves a protein-enriched shampoo and conditioning which aids in removing the messy, unwanted undercoat followed by a luxurious brush and blowout to make your pet feel and look their best! Maintaining a healthy coat allows for healthy skin and thereby a healthy pet!

Do you hear the “clickity-clack” of your dog’s nails walking along your floor? Elect for a “pawdicure” and have those talons trimmed and ground to perfection! Tidy nails provide for a free range of motion and are much more comfortable for your dog.

Resorts offers a variety of wellness packages depending on your desires and your dog’s aesthetic needs. Any styling details will be discussed between you and our groomer, with notes taken, to ensure you are satisfied with the results. If your dog’s coat condition is not suitable for the desired outcome, our groomer will discuss options that will make your pet more comfortable and absolutely adorable!